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Workshops & Keynotes 

Daniela Elsner, Coaching mit Care Business Coaching

Workshops & Keynotes

Based on my extensive experience as a professor of didactics/ teaching and learning processes in higher education, my workshops and keynotes are interactive and entertaining, yet based on current research.

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I offer talks, workshops and lunch talks on the following topics: 

Off Balance. How to get everything under one roof with the Tailor your Life principle.

The Work-Life Balance Myth. How to lead a successful and happy life without balance.

Successful (&) resilient. 7 resilience strategies for a successful life.

How it works: Career, Kids & Co.

Career with children in science? Myth, martyrdom or nice to have?

How to become a professor. Career paths in science.

Do’s and Dont’s in appointment and application procedures.

Wonderful is better than perfect. Achieving goals with the right attitude.

Adaptive Leadership or What constitutes good leadership?

Leadership in Science. Specific Culture needs specific leadership.

To.the.point. Straight forward talks, successful conversations.

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