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Coaching Process and Duration

Daniela Elsner, Coaching mit Care Business Coaching

First Contact and Intake Interview

Each coaching program runs along fixed lines and in the direction of a clear final goal. First, you contact me via email, telephone or by using the contact button on this website to arrange an appointment for the intake interview. This interview will take approx. 20-30 minutes and is free of charge. Please make three different suggestions for our appointment. I will choose one of your suggested dates/ times and send you the confirmation of our appointment as soon as possible. The interview will take place on the phone ore on skype or facetime.  In this interview, you will briefly explain your challenges. On this basis, I will analyze your coaching request with regard to the question if a coaching is the appropriate means to support you/ your employees. Moreover, I will give you a rough estimation about how many sessions we will probably need to take care of your needs. Finally yet importantly, in this interview,  you and I get to know each other a little bit better, and we can decide, if we can imagine working together in the future. After the interview, you can choose whether you would like to book me as your coach for a few sessions right away, and we can arrange another appointment. If you need more time to think about your decision, you can also contact me within the following weeks.

First Coaching Session

In our first coaching session, we will specify your (the coacheˈs) goals. I will supervise this process and be responsible for its quality and effectiveness.

Follow-up Coaching Sessions and Outtake Interview

During the next sessions, I will guide you (your employees) in your (their) development. Based on my experience I will ask pertinent questions that encourage you (the coachees) to think about your (their) actions and their consequences. I will act as a sounding board and a mirror. Each session is concluded with an action plan that you (the coachees) should work on after the session.
To conclude the process, we will discuss the extent to which the aims of the coaching have been achieved. We also test and assess how much you (the coaches) are already applying the newly acquired skills in various situations.

Daniela Elsner, Coaching mit Care Business Coaching


Each coaching process is very individual, which means that there is no fixed rule to how long a coaching process usually takes. However, practice shows, that six 90-minute sessions are usually enough to make a change. In some cases the problem is solved within 3-4 sessions, in other cases it may take up to 10 meetings to see the success.

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