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As a professor of didactics and languages, I am an expert in understanding how people learn and develop, and I am aware of the powerful impact communication has within this process.
As a qualified systemic-solution-oriented coach (certified training at the Rhein-Main University, Wiesbaden), I know exactly which questions and techniques are the proper ones to initiate changes, facilitate decision-making, reorganize entrenched mindsets, and get you out of a dead-locked situation.
As a successful scientist, female executive, and mother of 2+1 kids, I am an expert in maintaining the work-life/ family-life balance, and I know the challenges that women in leadership positions and, more generally, in the professional world have to face.
As an award winning university teacher and professional speaker, I have given many talks, prepared hundreds of presentations, and supervised many exams. Thus, I know what it needs to convince people in important situations, such as a job interview, a public speech or an important meeting.

PROF. DR. DANIELA ELSNERsystemic & goal-oriented Coach