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You canˈt cross the sea by merely standing and staring at the water.
(Rabindranath Tagore)

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Daniela Elsner, Coaching mit Care Business Coaching

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Prof. Dr. Daniela Elsner


The visit of my homepage is the first step to reach your goals. My systemic and result-oriented coachings and consultings will support you or your employees to make the necessary changes in order to further develop and improve your/their life, career and/ or business.

Coaching mit CARE for whom?
My individual coaching sessions address people who want to develop or change themselves professionally and/ or personally. No  matter if you are a manager of a big company, hold a leadership position or work as a regular employee, in my coaching sessions you will find support in any crisis, conflict or decision making situation. My coachings can be booked by private persons as well as by companies.

Coaching Topics 
My coachings focus on "leadership development", "work-life/ work-family balance",  "personal development", "communication", "decision making", and "crisis management". I believe that especially for executives and people in other leadership-positions it is very hard to find a professional sparring partner at eye level. With me, you have found a coach and consultant who is not afraid to ask the right questions and confront you with your own truth in order to solve a difficult situation and move on into the desired direction.

Keynotes, Trainings and Workshops
In addition to and in combination with my coachings, I offer consulting, talks, workshops and trainings in the field of education and science as well as on the topic of work-life/ family-life balance and women in / on their way into leadership positions.

Coaching Location

I offer face to face coachings in my coaching rooms in Frankfurt Westend and Frankfurt Nordend. I also offer online coachings via different video conferencing tools.

You can get a first impression of me by watching the interview with me on Business Life TV below.

Daniela Elsner, Coaching mit Care Business Coaching


As a qualified systemic-solution-oriented coach (certified training at the Rhein-Main University Wiesbaden; ICF accredited), I know exactly which questions and techniques are the proper ones to initiate changes, facilitate decision-making, reorganize entrenched mindsets, and get you out of a dead-locked situation.
As a professor of didactics (Goethe-University Frankfurt / Main) and lecturer for coaching (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz), I am an expert in understanding how people learn and develop, and I am aware of the powerful impact communication has within this process.
A a non-medical psychotherapist (HPrGes.), I understand human psychological needs and how to deal with critical life-events.
As a female leader, mother of 2+1 kids, and book author "Ausgebalanced" (Gabal Verlag)/transl. "Forget the Work-Life Balance", I am an expert in maintaining the work-life/ work-family balance, and I know the challenges that people in leadership positions have to face.
As an award winning university teacher and professional speaker, I have given many talks, prepared hundreds of presentations, and lead countless meetings.  I know exactly what it needs to convince people in important situations and how the right communicative strategies can lead to the change you desire in a difficult situation.

PROF. DR. DANIELA ELSNERsystemic & goal-oriented Coach
Daniela Elsner, Coaching mit Care Business Coaching

Coaching Options

My coaching services are directed at private individuals, executives and employees in private companies and public organizations.
My systemic and solution-oriented coachings support you and your team members to set smart goals and discover paths to achieve them. In my coaching sessions I provide structure for decision making, so my clients can focus on pursuing their vision.

Daniela Elsner, Coaching mit Care Business Coaching

Consulting & Training

As an expert in the field of didactics and communication, as a teacher and long-term executive, in combination with my coachings, I offer consulting on various topics. While good coaching means consultation without advice, consulting includes professional advice and recommendations of the coach. In other words, whereas in a typical coaching, the coachee finds his/ her solution him/ herself, naturally, with the support of the coach, in a consultation the coach shares her knowledge and her opinions on a certain topic with the coachee. A typical issue for a consulting in combination with coaching would be the quality improvement of teaching in higher education settings.

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Here are the coaching rooms

How to reach me:
phone: 069-907-53-493
cell: 0176-22291930
In case I am currently unavailable, please leave me a message on the answering machine / mailbox, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can send me a text message.

contact me by email: elsner@coaching-mit-care.com or via this form

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